IBS&D Corporation, a woman-owned small business, was formed to provide highest quality IT and consulting service to assist you in solving problems that you have when you have limited resources and/or expertise with which to do it yourself or when you need an objective viewpoint.​

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     About Us

We believe in supplying the latest technology available in the market to boost your business’ achievements on all levels. Technology can transform your business once it is harnessed effectively. Technology has the power to transform productivity, customer service, customer experience and more to help your team achieve greater heights.

Do you have limited resources to solve IT problems within your business?

Does your business’ success rely on the ability to effectively apply the latest technologies in everything you do?

Does your business need an IT expert to rely on, to ensure that your business always runs smoothly?

IBS&D Corp Are On Hand For Your Complete IT Needs.

Our expert team of IT consultants have a deep understanding of the latest technologies that can benefit your business’ achievements.

Our core services include:

  • System/ Network Installation

  • Architecture/Design Implementation and Maintenance

  • Web Development

  • Software Engineering & Application Design / Coding

  • IT Project Management

  • Datacenter Operations Maintenance Support

  • IT Professional Staffing Support

  • Experienced Team of IT Experts: Our women owned small business have a team who bring a wide range of specific expertise and IT experience to our consultancy practice. This means that you can benefit from intelligent and dynamic solutions to any IT problem that needs resolving.

  • Excellent Customer Service at the Forefront: We are committed to excellent customer service and high quality IT solutions. Our customers are central to everything that we do.

  • Applied Commercial Expertise: We understand the difficulties of having limited resources within a business when solving IT problems.

  • Complete IT Solutions: We always provide an expert, objective point of view to your business, meaning you’ll benefit from a wide range of experts and experience from within our dedicated team,


  • Virginia SWaM certified (Small, Women- and Minority) – 711791

  • Maryland MBE certified (Maryland Business Enterprise) – DOT MBE 15-218

  • Maryland Small Business Reserve (SBR) – SB12-18412


541512 – Computer Systems Design Services

541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

519190 – All Other Information Services

541430 – Graphic Design Services

541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services

     Our Services

Systems/ Network Installation

Our team ensures that your systems or network is properly and safely installed. Our installation services are always prompt, professional and safe.

IT Professional Staffing Support

Only the best IT talent can help your business to stay on top to the market. For true competitive advantage, your business requires the ability to hire top talent within the industry. Our team understand what it takes to become an expert in technical knowledge and application within the IT industry and will support your successful staffing.

Web Development

Our expert team of web developers can provide the highest quality web development services for a variety of needs and functions. This may include marketing your business or creating websites for a specific function relevant to your business’ activities.

IT Project Management

Whatever IT project your business is about to undertake, our experts will ensure that your IT is up to standard and of the highest quality. Our IT project managers bring years of rich experience and knowledge of the latest technologies to ensure that your project yields the results your business needs.

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